Color Me Rad Hamilton!

Sustainability takes the lead at this fun-filled 5K Race!

Next Saturday, July 26th, Color Me Rad will be coming to Hamilton to support the EcoPark! 

If you are unfamiliar- Color Me Rad is a very unique kind of race, where the goal is not necessarily finishing in first place, but rather crossing the finish line with a pretty funky t-shirt. For this particular race, volunteers and staff members from Hamilton’s Conservation Foundation will line up along the sidelines of the race, loaded with packets of cornstarch. If you are wondering what happens with these colorful packets, take a look at the picture to the right 🙂

For each person that signs up for the race, $100 dollars will be donated toward the EcoPark. The EcoPark is a project that was put into place by the Hamilton Conservation Foundation in the 1970’s- it protects some breathtaking natural sites including Cootes Paradise, the Niagara Escarpment (and its Waterfalls) and the Desjardins Canal. The Conservation Authority itself also works to maintain trails all over the city and teaching Grades 3 through 12 about Hamilton’s natural history.

Color Me Rad 2

Consider signing up for this exciting event- Not only it is a great way to let loose and get some crazy photos, it is also a way to maintain some of the most beautiful sights in Hamilton. For more information about this very intriguing race, click here. To learn more about the Hamilton Conservation Foundation and why it is so important to the Hamilton community, click here.