Community Spotlight: Stewards of Cootes Paradise

Stewards of CootesOne of the things that originally drew me to McMaster was the atmosphere- the smiling faces, the warm demeanor and the feeling of peace. For me, this is still largely facilitated by the tall trees and trickling creeks of Cootes Paradise. It is a place where I have always been able to go to find some solace.

The Stewards of Cootes Watershed (SCW) is one group that makes this experience a possibility for me. This team of “Stewards” organized by Alan Hansell, have dedicated themselves to keeping Cootes Paradise alive, clean and beautiful. After their first event in 2012, The SCW have been a force of nature with an unbelievable track record, and I think you should join too!

The team has a bunch of exciting events coming up:

  1. On Saturday, September 20thSCW will be teaming up with McMaster’s own MacGreen to clean up the North East shoreline of Cootes Paradise
  2. On Saturday October 4th, SCW will be hosting a MacServe Day of Learning placement through the Student Success Centre. To involve in this for this event, sign-into OSCARPlus– you will find MacServe under “Fairs & Special Events”. If you are an alumni, you can register here.

This effort has had a momentous impact on Hamilton’s environment. There is both an incredible spirit that comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself, as well as the opportunity to become both more self-aware and engaged with your city. The other thing? These clean-ups are tons of fun and filled with amazing people. 🙂

I hope to see you there!