It’s a Winter Wonderland!

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Hamilton’s annual Winterfest starts this Saturday and continues for ten whole days, from February 7th to the 16th! 

There are many exciting activities this year, starting with a kickoff at the Pier 8 Ice Rink on February 7th at 1-3:30pm which ice sculptures, music, fire eaters, free hotdogs and hot chocolate!

What could be more of a steal for us broke students in need of a break from work?

Also, the restaurants, cafes and fast food businesses in Hamilton are participating in the SWEET TASTE OF WINTER program. There will be a fixed menu of delicious food for $20.00 or $30.00.

For more details visit the Hamilton Winterfest website!

And for those of you that would like to get in on the action, the Student Success Center will be taking a group of lucky students out to this festival this Saturday, February  7th. We will be going to Pier 8 to admire the waterfront and partake in the activities. Come if you like free food!  

We will be meeting at 12:30pm in the atrium of the MUSC. Don’t forget to bring your student card for the bus and warm clothing if you are planning on coming.