Will Hamilton’s LRT ever be IRL?

7 years ago, the Liberals promised funding in full for light rail transit (LRT) on the east-west B-line from Eastgate Square to McMaster University. However, in recent talks with Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger, our Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne gave neither a dollar figure or said LRT when asked by the media. Wynne claims that the liberal party is committed to funding rapid transit in Hamilton, but it is undecided by the citizens whether that will take form as a bus or the LRT – until then, the Liberals are not funding anything. But hasn’t already decided on the LRT?

2 years ago, Hamilton’s City Council unanimously approved the Rapid Ready LRT plan and reiterated that the Council supported an LRT plan after some confusion with the then-mayor Bob Bratina. So we have decided, but they Liberals are not budging.

So then, is it a of matter political party?

Likely not, as the NDP party has actually previously voted against rapid transit in Hamilton. Apparently, the NDP claims to fully support rapid transit in Hamilton, though they did not want to allocate funds to expand transit in the Hamilton area. Even still,  Andrea Horwath, Ontario’s NDP leader makes a jab at the Liberal party – claiming that Wynne will never deliver on their promise to establish rapid transit in Hamilton. Horwath says the Liberals have a bad habit of making promises that they can’t keep, citing excuses to prevent themselves from taking any action.

The Liberals stand firm that they will provide funding for any rapid transit plan, LRT or something else, once a decision is made. But since we have reached a conclusion already, how can we convince them a decision is made or are they already convinced, but unwilling to fulfil their promise?