Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra: Sci-Fi Spectacular

Full disclosure: I’m a giant nerd. But I suspect some of you are too, or you wouldn’t have clicked this link. I’m an audiophile, music geek, Trekkie, Browncoat, Whovian… the list goes on. Which is why I am SUPER excited for this month’s concert with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra where they’ll be performing some of the greatest science fiction themes for your (well, my) listening pleasure. The best part: if you’re under 30, your ticket will set you back less than $20. Sounds like a great date night, am I right?

The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra is a top notch group of musicians who have performed in cities across the world. It is well worth your time and money to attend any of their performances at Hamilton Place. Scheduled for Saturday, March 21st, this will be the last mainstage performance during the school year but if you’re sticking around for the summer be sure to get your tickets for James Sommerville in concert on May 23rd.