How 1 Day becomes 100 on June 6th

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Looking to make a change in the community?

The 100in1 day initiative is finally coming to Hamilton on Saturday, June 6th 2015. This movement collects ideas for small-scale “urban interventions” by citizens that will better their community via online submission. Then for one day (June 6th), 100+ projects will be implemented to better the community. These interventions can be submitted by individuals, community groups, and organizations and can range from street art to social engagement events.

There are already some exciting urban interventions such as a cycling tour of Hamilton, a spring concert, a puppy kissing booth and a historical lesson through signs that mark Hamiton’s locations of historical movements throughout the city. This will be a great chance to learn more about Hamilton’s geographic, social origins, and to meet your neighbours!

And if you don’t have an idea, please please please still come out on that day and participate in one or more of these interventions! The 100in1day movement relies on participants and people spreading the word as much as they require citizen activators. BE the intervention.

For more information, visit the 100in1day website or watch their video. 100in1Day is also hosting workshops at MUSC to introduce the movement and inspire ideas by students! A list of times can be found here. 

Let’s show Hamilton what McMaster students are all about.