The first steps towards a sustainable community!

A few weeks ago, Hamilton councilors announced they would be moving forward in converting a three acre field into an urban farm. The idea came up a few years ago when Pat Reid and other members of the McQuesten community realized there was a huge shortage in fresh produce available to many families in need.  Counsellors also hope that this initiative will help educate children on what healthy eating consists of.

Social issues including poverty and food security have been prominent issues in various Hamilton communities. This $850 000 urban farm will not only help to provide food but will also provide residents with a sense of self-sufficiency as residents will feel as if they are now able to grown and cuiltivate their own fresh produce!

The idea for this urban plan came from the McQuestan neighbourhood’s action plan; part of the Community Foundation’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy. The funding towards this project is coming from both the neighbourhood’s $2 million dollar fund as well as private donors who wish to remain anonymous.