Unleash your child like wonder at Hamilton – Slide the City

Slide The City

Welcome Slide the City to Hamilton, Ontario.

City Council just recently approved road closures for the slide the city event in Hamilton that would occur on August 29th as long as the city gives an O.K. on insurance and water source logistics.

Slide the City is an event company that’s been travelling all around their home country the US of A for years now. Recently they’ve decided to jump the border north and hit up 15 different cities Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Kamloops and Quebec City just to name a few !

If you missed out on the adventures of what this magical thing called a slip and slide when you were a kid, its okay this is a family event that available for everyone of all ages.

Don’t know what the slide is? Well if you can’t tell what it is from the photo its just a MASSIVE water slide that people ride down on anything or nothing. Favourite flotation devices include giant inflatable whales and turtles.


Sliding down a slide isn’t your thing? That’s okay Slide the city is bringing with them all the good party times a 1000 feet slip and slide brings with it. There will be food, drinks, music, dancing and tons of swag for sale!

P.S. Don’t forget your water guns .

Interested in finding out more and buying tickets? —> http://www.slidethecity.com/events/hamilton/