5 Days for the Homeless

Are you looking to get involved in the community? Want an amazing and

memorable experience that will help you grow while giving back? Then you’ve

come to the right place!


Applications are now open for the 5 Days for the Homeless event. This event

aims to increase national awareness of homelessness and raise $10,000 for the

local charitable organization, Good Shepherd. 8 students will be selected to

sleep outside the Student Centre for 5 days, experiencing what others do every

day. This event is facilitated by DeGroote Impact under the DeGroote Commerce

Society; however students from all faculties are welcome to apply.

How do you apply? It’s simple, visit:


Available Positions


Attach your resume and reply to the 3 short answer questions. Then just email

your response to DeGroote Impact at: degrooteimpact@degrootecommerce.ca

Applications are due Friday, January 29th, and the campaign takes place the

week of March 13th so make sure to mark your calendars.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact DeGroote Impact via their email or

Facebook page. Make sure to leave a like!