Tips and Tricks: Bussing in Hamilton

Hi Everyone,

My name’s Jackson and I’ve spent the last 6 years bussing back and forth, up and down, and across this city, on almost every weekday. Since grade 9 I’ve taken over four buses each day to get to and from school. Four buses per weekday, multiplied by 6 years, equals… a lot of busses. You could say I’m a sort of expert on bussing, sometimes I even study bus maps for fun (much fun, so wow). It hurts me to see so many Marauders staying within the McMaster Bubble because they don’t feel comfortable with the buses. If this describes you, well you’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips and tricks to bussing through the beautiful city of Hamilton:

 The 51 doesn’t run in the summer, I learned this the hard way

 The 10B-line is the express bus across the city

 The 20A-line is the express bus to the Airport

 Hamilton has a new bus terminal, Main and McNab, downtown, the numerous busses at this terminal will take you up, down, around, or across the mountain… basically anything but through

 While waiting at the stop in front of MUSC (technically in front of the Divinity College), any bus that passes by will take you downtown, to at least the McNab Terminal, past there they split off in separate ways

 Any bus that stops next to Shoppers on Main St. will also take you downtown, to at least McNab

 Hamilton has two important streets you need to know, Main St. and King St.

 Buses head towards downtown on Main St.

 Buses head towards Mac on King St.

 So to go get some Bubble Tea downtown, you go on Main, then to get back to Mac, walk one block up to King, and hop on almost any bus

 How do you know which bus to take? Google Maps!

 Google Maps is your best friend, it’ll tell you if a bus is late, early, and how to make connections, try zooming in on an intersection and tapping on the bus icon to see times

 Try and be five minutes early, at least try, no one likes running to the bus stop

I hope this helps you explore your community. The one thing I’d like all Marauders to know is, use Google Maps! You have a bus pass, you have the technology, now go find some cool destinations.

PS: For a first time trip with friends, try Gameopolis. One 12 minute bus downtown and one bus back, very simple trip. They have a wide selection of board games, and discounts on Tuesdays. It can get busy at night, I recommend making a reservation! 🙂