Welcome Week Rep Applications

Many welcome week rep applications are rolling out in the next few weeks; make sure to stay updated on your favourites! There are tons of different options; you could be a faculty rep, a rep for the Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS), a res rep, Maroons, and many more.

During welcome week I was a rep for SOCS and I had an amazing experience. I made lasting and meaningful friendships, helped first years transition into university, all while having a great time. The only downside was that I got sick, which is hard to avoid during welcome week. Make sure to take care of yourself, eat right, stay hydrated, and keep washing your hands. It’s difficult since you’re repping for hours at a time, from dawn until sometimes 1am. Although I had to rest a few days because of the flu, I 100% recommend applying to become a welcome week rep.

If there’s anything I’d do different it would be to inform my welcome week planners that I need to take some time to rest. Since I got sick, I missed 3 full days, if I had only taken the time to sleep more, perhaps arrive later or leave earlier, I could have avoided missing those full days.

Luckily it was all worth it and I still regularly hang out with the first years and fellow reps that I befriended. Make sure to take the chance and find out if repping is right for you!