541 Barton St E

It’s a place where you can get a $3 grilled cheese and can use the remainder of your spare change to pay it forward.


Located at 541 Barton St., this social enterprise is both a hip eatery and a humanitarian exchange. It has delicious fresh foods from soups of the day to various sandwiches, but also mittens hanging on a wall on top of a sign that says “take what you need”. It’s also got a washroom – with a basket of hygiene items beside another sign that says “take what you need”. There is a button jar by the cash where you can purchase buttons, which then enables the less fortunate to purchase a meal or drink – to pay it forward.


Their customers sit at cozy tables and chat over coffee, but they can also be found behind the counter to serve others. Their space, staff, volunteers, and revenue facilitate community initiatives for the marginalized in Hamilton.


So if you’re looking for a place to do homework and to contribute to a good cause, drop by 541 Barton St. E. They’d love to have you!