Hamilton Hiking 101

Hello, it’s me, Jackson again!

I’d have to say one of my favourite aspects of Hamilton is the escarpment. The views are spectacular, waterfalls everywhere you turn, and easily accessible via the HSR because the escarpment runs right through the middle of the city. Since I grew up here I’ve had my fair share of hikes, up and down, across, over, under, every which way, all over the escarpment. I highly recommend the Bruce Trail and the Iroquoia Trail! They’re great for all sorts of activities, running, hiking, and even mountain biking. Now that the weather is all of a sudden warm (eek climate change), it’s the perfect opportunity to get out and get active. Here are some of my favourite tips on how to have a great hike in Hamilton:

  1. Stay on the trail, I recommend leaving the exploring part until you feel comfortable with the area and can easily recognize the direction.
  2. Hike with a friend, or in a group!
  3. If the weather changes quickly (as it usually does), head back, you can always go out another day! This will save you from sprinting through rain and mud trying to find your way back to the parking lot…
  4. Proper footwear, don’t ruin your new shoes
  5. Take things slow and steady, appreciate the nature around you, literally stop to smell the roses
  6. ESPECIALLY, be respectful, i.e. don’t litter (no cigarette either), don’t damage the vegetation or harass the wildlife, you’ll give McMaster a bad rep!


Here’s a link where you can find many of the hidden waterfalls of Hamilton. Happy Hiking!