Networking: What Comes After?


Did you go to Hamilton’s Career Fair last Tuesday? Still wondering what to do now that it’s over? Make sure to follow up with the new contacts you created! Networking events are amazing opportunities to grow your network and possibly secure a new job or connection.

While it’s preferable to send a follow-up within 24 hours of an event, it’s never too late to try! Here are some quick tips on what to do after an event:

  • Review all the people you met. Find their business card and remember all the things you can about them and the conversation.
  • Define who to follow up with, and most importantly why?
  • Make sure the follow up email is thoughtful and error free. No one likes receiving generic filler messages. Try to mention something about the conversation you had and how you’d like to continue it in the future.
  • After following up via email, see if they have LinkedIn. If the conversation went very well then follow them on Twitter as well, though be cautious of what you’re tweeting.
  • After a month, reflect again on the connection and see if you’re content of where it’s going. Perhaps it’s time to send another email to keep the conversation going?

With these tips you’ll soon be making connections everywhere. Keep networking!