Welcome to Pop the Bubble 2016! – Chris

Hi Hamilton Friends!

Welcome to the Pop the Bubble Blog! I just wanted to formally introduce myself to all the new and old readers alike. My name is Chris and I will be curating and updating the blog all summer. So if you want to spend some quality virtual time with me and my co-writer Balie, make sure you stay tuned on this blog! We’ll be discovering our city all summer and exploring new places to eat and play, while revisiting old student favourites (Saigon anyone?). Also, we’ll be keeping you in the loop on all of the cool stuff going on in Hamilton in the realms of arts & culture, volunteering/community engagement, and just overall fun events that you should check out if you’re in Hamilton this summer!

We’ll be doing the tough work of reviewing and describing all the places we visit so you don’t have to – all you have to do is sit at home, relax, read our blog, and figure out which places you want to go to! Something cool that we’re doing this summer is we’ll have a few different weekly/monthly series to help shine a light on all the amazing things that exist in Hamilton! One of them will be a focus on a neighbourhood/district and will highlight some of the history and happening places in the area. The other will be a “How to eat in Hamilton for under $15” series where we will be finding all the sweet deals on food all across the city (I’m a pretty cheap dude so if you’re like me, don’t worry. I’ll be trying to keep it under $10 most occasions).


Hambrgr just popped up this year. Clever flavour combinations, wonderful interior aesthetic and a delicious menu all at a reasonable price? Sign me up.

Just a little bit about me: I’m currently going into my 4th year of the Arts & Science Program with a minor in Anthropology. I love cooking (I watched way too much Food Channel growing up) and arts & culture. Music has always been a big part of my life, so look out for some posts about some choice Hamilton artists soon as well! Some of my interests are playing Ultimate Frisbee, leadership, and as stated before, music.


Did I mention that I love leadership? Here’s a picture of me leading a fun icebreaker at MSU CLAY (Creating Leadership Amongst Youth) 2016 last weekend!




The things I would do for a rice bowl from Pokeh…stay tuned for a post on this Hamilton gem.



But anyways, enough about me. This isn’t a blog about me. This is a blog about Hamilton. This is the Pop the Bubble Blog, where we pop the McMaster Bubble and expose you to all the gems that exist in Hamilton (and there are a lot of gems), so let’s get that started, because there’s a lot to explore!


Is this a painting? Or is this just how beautiful Dundas Peak is in the Fall? (Answer: the latter)