National Donut Day 2016!!!

It’s National Donut Day here in Hamilton (and I guess the rest of Canada). To commemorate this wonderful day, we decided to dedicate this post to all the sugary, doughy bliss that exists in Hamilton.

Donut Monster

Donut Monster has quickly proven itself to be a phenomenal force in the donut world. Specializing in small-batch, from-scratch donuts, Donut Monster is quickly winning over audiences with their ingenious flavour combinations and their unselfish portioning of ingredients! Sometimes you bite into a jelly-filled donut and it’s drier than a desert. Sometimes you bite into an apple fritter and there are maybe two pieces of apple that are thinner than a sheet of paper. However, as you can see below, Donut Monster is unapologetic in their portioning of the good stuff. Just look at the chocolate oozing out of the Mint Chip Donut and how many chunks of rhubarb is in that fritter.

New this week from Donut Monster: Rhubarb Fritters! The cottage favourite makes it way into the big city! Look at how many chunks of rhubarb there are!

This Mint Chip Donut with a chocolate pudding filling will make you wish that every day was a cheat day.


Clockwise from L-R: Tequila Lime (v), Brown Butter, Garam Masala (v), Mint Chocolate Filled, Horchata, Maple Pecan Apple Fritter

Although they don’t have their own brick and mortar store, Donut Monster supplies to a ton of different cafes and establishments across Hamilton, including Union Market right here on campus! However, not every store gets the same donuts, so make sure you check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to be updated on all the flavour rotations and locations! Also, something cool that they are doing for 100 in One Day, an urban intervention festival that is happening tomorrow, is that they are supplying free donuts to neighbours that have agreed to engage in conversations over some donuts!



Grandad’s Donuts (574 James St. North)

Grandad’s Donuts is a nifty little spot on James, where it’s name really suits the vibe of the establishment. Although this is an old-fashioned donut shop, that doesn’t mean that it is unafraid of making gutsy creations that keep locals coming back. Opening at 5AM on weekdays, Grandad’s makes sure that people with early schedules get their morning coffee and delicious donuts before work. The pastry masters come in at midnight and start hand-making these donuts so that they have enough for their early open! Talk about dedication to the craft of donut making!

PB&J Donuts! A childhood classic in donut form!


Old-fashioned never looked so good. 



Cake & Loaf Bakery (321 Dundurn St. South)

Here’s another blessed spot for all you Marauders with a craving for sugar. Cake & Loaf is a cute, hip establishment with tons of delicious goodies including from-scratch cookies, muffins, pies, and of course, DONUTS. As previous winners of The Food Network’s Donut Showdown, Cake & Loaf is a force to be reckoned with in Hamilton. Scroll down and prepare to drool at your work desk.

Creamsicle Donuts?! Are you kidding me?

Vanilla Caramel Skor Baked Donuts



What are you waiting for? Go and stuff your face and worry about the repercussions later!