Café Augusta

Once known as the “Steel City”, Hamilton has transformed into an artist’s paradise with its rich history, art crawls, trendy cafes, and restaurants. Personally, I’m a fan of the newest café renaissance happening all across the city. Between Locke St S, James St N and all the other places popping up around town, Hamilton has no shortage of trendy cafes. Cafés are the perfect hangout spot. From homework, to life chats, cafes offer the perfect atmosphere to take a break from the hustle and bustle of day to day life and just chill.

Hamilton’s got its fair share of cute and trendy cafes, and last Tuesday the Hamilton community welcomed a new face into the family. Café Augusta is brand new café located at 156 James South, which opened late last month. For a while I had been seeing and hearing the buzz about this new café all over social media and I decided I would check it out for myself.


Have you?

So after a long day of work, I strolled on over to James St S on a warm Friday evening. The first thing that struck me about Café Augusta as I walked through the door was how gorgeous the space is. The interior uses exposed brick wall juxtaposed with white trim to create an incredibly beautiful visual aesthetic. It reminded me of both Hamilton’s grittiness, and its beauty.


The contrast between the white pictures and the exposed brick wall is beautiful!


This is my favourite picture, I love the fireplace!

Now on to the coffee… Café Augusta is unique because it offers a number of different styles of brew. I’ll be completely honest with you, I have no idea how brewing coffee works or the intricacies of the different apparatuses, but I did, however, get to sample a couple and the flavor was phenomenal! I tried the coldbrew, which had kind of a tangy citrus-y flavour to it. And, apparently it takes over 12 hours to brew a single pot of it! I really enjoyed the flavours of the coldbrew, but in the end I settled for a simple decaf latte. The latte was wonderful, and it was great to just sit by the window and enjoy my coffee and read to unwind from the day.


This picture is #aesthetic goals

My visit to Café Augusta was quite enjoyable and I will most definitely be back to try their other brews! If you’re looking to try some unique and flavourful coffee, or just looking a chill spot to hangout, I would highly recommend Café Augusta. Also shout out to Sonia and Marc for answering all of my questions patiently and for some really awesome conversations! You rock!


Thanks Sonia and Marc!

Check out their twitter page at:

Also, Mac students, here’s a map to help you get from campus to the café!

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