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Pizza has long been regarded as one of the ultimate university student foods. Cheap, delicious, accessible – what more could you ask for? These savoury pies are a staple during late-night study sessions, a godsend for a Friday night party, and a welcome guest for a night of lowkey of hangouts.   There are the classic chain pizzerias Pizza Pizza, Pizza Nova, and Dominos all within a stone’s throw from the campus bubble. If you want some tastier local pizza, Basilique, Queens, and Lava are all great choices as well. I know I could personally go for a slice of Lava’s shawarma pizza at any given moment, even though my metabolism probably disagrees with that statement. However, if you have a little bit more time on your hands to sit down and enjoy your pizza away from the glare of your laptop and coffee-stained textbooks (or loud, obnoxious party-goers), might I suggest NàRoma on Locke?

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Located in the heart of Locke, NàRoma is a two floor restaurant that boasts a semi open-concept kitchen/bar and also an outdoor patio. Don’t let their minimalistic décor fool you – their pizzas offer many complex and inventive flavours. Their pizzas come in 4 different sizes: Solo, Coppia (12 slices/feeds 2-3), Famiglia (18 slices/feeds 3-4), and Festa (24 slices/feeds 4-6). For the Coppia, Famiglia, and Festa sizes, you are allowed to split flavours, which is a great opportunity for sharing and for trying out new flavours. The menu also has plenty of vegetarian options and a few vegan options as well which are so delicious, you won’t even realize that there’s meat missing.

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The “Spinaci” salad was so good we forgot to take a picture before!

When I went with my family this past weekend, we ordered 2 Coppia-size pizzas, which allowed us to choose 4 different flavours (2 for each pizza) to try. On one pizza, we had half Funghi (mozzarella, oyster mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms, button mushrooms, truffle oil) and half Brie e Prosciutto (mozzarella, triple cream brie cheese, prosciutto, fig jam, caramelized onions, arugula, reduced balsamic). On the other pizza, we had Hawaiano (tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, pineapple, hot pepper oil, cured ham) and Sel Vaggio (wild mushroom mix, prosciutto, goat cheese, mozzarella, truffle oil). What makes this place great is that they are generous with the toppings so that every bite is packed with flavour. The ingredients are fresh and the portion sizes are fair, which only makes me more inclined to return to sample more of their pizza flavours. Due to the thickness of the crust, we found that we could only eat about 3 or 4 slices each before calling it a night, but who doesn’t like leftover pizza for breakfast?

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The Sel Vaggio and the Hawaiano in the background. The Funghi and Brie e Prosciutto in the forefront.

Naroma 2

The Sel Vaggio and the Hawaiano deserve their own close-up as well! 

For individuals looking for some lighter options, Nàroma has some delicious non-pizza options as well. They have a lot of different salad options and even a section on their menu dedicated to organic quinoa! I would definitely recommend giving this place a visit because the pizza is amazing and the service is extremely friendly! If you can’t make it out (we get it, school can get hectic – and we know how the MCAT/LSAT/WHATEVER OTHER TEST can rule over your life in the summer) just know this: NàRoma also does take out! Just call ahead of time and order a box of your favourite flavour for pick-up! The only difference between this and Pizza Pizza is that you won’t regret it afterwards!

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Look at how snazzy their orange take-out boxes are! 

Directions to NàRoma

Website: http://naroma.ca/