I Scream for Hamilton

Ice cream is my literal favourite thing in the world, I could probably eat ice cream for every meal of my life and not get tired of it, and I’m not even exaggerating. So when summer rolls around very year, there’s always one burning question on my mind, where can I find the best scoop of ice cream the city has to offer? Well I haven’t completely answered that question yet, but I have compiled a list of sorts that has satisfied my ice cream cravings every time.

Henry Brown’s Small Batch Ice Cream

You all knew this was coming… Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton in the Farmer’s Market, Henry Brown’s is quickly becoming one of the most popular spots for a delicious summer treat. They offer a huge variety of flavours and every single one is made from scratch. If you want to read more about the amazingness that is their ice cream check out our earlier blog post here.


Big Scoops Ice Cream

This place is one of those delicious hole-in-the-wall places, no like literally, it’s a hole in the wall. Big Scoops is takeout only and you order your ice cream through a hole (window) in the wall! Located on James St S and Duke St, it’s right in the heart of downtown and the perfect spot to grab a quick treat. They also have a mobile trailer so stay tuned to their Twitter page to find out when they’ll be at a park near you! Plus they serve Hewitt’s ice cream (aka some of the best ice cream of all time) and the scoops are absolutely massive. They aren’t called “Big Scoops” for nothing!


Panini & Ice Cream

Panini’s and ice cream seem like a bit of a strange combo at first but they make it work. They also serve locally sourced Hewitt’s dairy ice cream. One of the biggest struggles for me is whether I should get a milkshake or ice-cream when I go to an ice cream shop but Panini & Ice Cream has figured it out they make a “Half and Half”! Their signature item is a half milkshake, half sundae hybrid that is bound to make any food lover’s day. Although it is a bit of a trek away from campus (located on Main St E) it is soooooo worth it!


Sprinkles on Top

Another fantastic ice cream spot in East Hamilton (King St E), even without Stoney Creek Dairy, Stoney Creek has still got its fair share of good ice cream spots. They serve ice cream, candy and even kid’s toys, this place is bound to bring out your inner child with their fun flavours and bright and cheery décor. They serve Kawartha Dairy ice cream and they are most definitely worth the visit!


AMO Gelato Caffe

I know this isn’t technically “ice cream” but I couldn’t convince myself to leave them off the list! Recently opened on Locke St S, AMO offers absolutely delectable gelato in a variety of flavours. They also stuff croissants, sweet buns, and donuts with gelato and it is absolutely delicious! They also serve in house roasted coffee and espresso which they also serve over their gelato in a dish called an affogato. AMO is a definite must try for this summer!