The City of Waterfalls

Hello hello PTB readers! Sorry for the break between posts, things have gotten pretty busy here at the Student Success Centre. But as the summer starts wrapping up I realized I couldn’t let the summer go by without writing about the beautiful waterfalls the City of Hamilton has come to be known for! Being a student means a couple thing for me, 1) I have no money 2) I have no time, so with that in mind I picked the top 5 waterfalls in Hamilton you can get to without a car and in under an hour-ish.

1) Chedoke Falls

This one and the next waterfall on this list are just around the corner from each other and located right at the edge of the escarpment. Chedoke Falls are 60 feet tall and absolutely gorgeous! Getting to the base of the falls is fairly tough, but if you are really up for the challenge you can find instructions here. Otherwise, there are a couple ways to get to the top of the falls depending on what you’re feeling. If you’re feeling like being a bit more active you can walk down to the Chedoke Stairs and take them all the way up to Cliffsview Park then turn left and walk about 10 minutes to reach the falls. Alternatively you could catch any bus going east from McMaster and then get off at Main and Queen and catch the 34 going up the mountain and get off at Denlow opposite Pleasant.


2) Cliffview Falls

Also located right off the Chedoke Stairs, this waterfall is a nice and refreshing view after a workout at the Chedoke stairs! Directions to get here are pretty much the same as for the Chedoke Falls, except you turn right instead of left if you’re walking, and you get off at Upper Paradise and Scenic if you’re taking the bus. As soon as you get up the stairs you won’t be able to see the waterfall, but you will definitey hear it so if all else fails just follow the sound and you’ll find it!


3) Tiffany Falls

One of my personal favourites, Tiffany Falls is a classic Hamilton attraction. Located only a short bus or bike ride away, it is a must visit for McMaster students and a good place to start if you’ve never ventured into Hamilton’s nature scene yet! The waterfall is almost 70 feet tall and definitely worth the visit. To get to this waterfall just hop on the 5C Meadowlands bus and get off at the 1039 Wilson stop. You have to keep walking up the hill for about 10 minutes and you’ll hit a small parking lot which is the entrance to the trail that takes you to Tiffany Falls!


4) Sherman Falls

This one is also located pretty close to Tiffany Falls (I feel like most waterfalls are clustered, which makes sense because geography things) and it’s also worth the extra 10 minutes it takes to get there! Same as before, you’re going to want to take the 5C Meadowlands bus but you want to get off at Wilson at Montgomery. From there you’re going  to walk down Montgomery until you hit Old Dundas Rd then turn right and follow the road until you find the Bruce Trail. The turn left onto the Bruce Trail and walk for like 100 metres and the falls should be right there!



5) Albion Falls

Albion falls is one of the iconic waterfalls of Hamilton, you have no doubt seen a picture of this waterfall somewhere in a tourism guide or on a website for Hamilton or McMaster. It’s a little bit further than the rest of the falls on this list, but it’s not unreasonably far, and I couldn’t help myself from including it because the cascading falls are just so beautiful! To get there you can hop on any bus heading east (aka towards downtown) from McMaster and get off at main at Macnab. From there you want to take the 21 bus from the Macnab terminal and get off at the stop opposite 211 Pritchard. From there you should be able to see the entrance to the falls, and you’re good to go!


This is just a very small sampling of the hundreds of waterfalls you can find in Hamilton, to read about more check out this website! Also, if my directions aren’t quite enough for you, throw the address into google maps just to make sure you’re getting where you want. So with less than a month left of summer, take some time to go check out the natural wonders right in our backyard!