The Mule

Hi friends, it’s been a while since I last posted, but I promise you I’ve been busy – the MSU Horizons Conference pretty much took over my life for the last few weeks. If you want to hear about that or get involved with it next year, please reach out to me. If you’re just here for the #HamOnt goodness, I’ll get started right away with no more tangents!

The Mule 2

The Mule picked up some prime real estate by snagging the ground floor of the Empire Times building on King William.

I was able to go to the Mule (41 King William St.) last week with my fellow Horizons planners. A few of my friends had been before and all of them had positive things to say about it, so I was pretty excited to try this place out. Walking into the Mule, I felt like I was immediately transported to an alternate dimension. Part of that was because we arrived past 10PM, which is usually when I start getting ready for bed because I am an old man. However, the other part was because the décor and the atmosphere of the restaurant created such a unique dinner experience. The best way I can describe the Mule’s interior design is a classy post-apocalyptic shelter. Some of the tables are long, rustic, high-top slabs. Others are lower, but completely spray painted in unique patterns. However, it’s not only the tables that are spray painted. It would appear that graffiti artists came through and literally “went hard in the paint”. There is a generous amount of graffiti-style art all across the restaurant, contributing to the hip, apocalyptic look of the restaurant. The exposed brick and dimmed-down chandeliers coupled with an aggressive 90’s hip-hop playlist and walls lined with canvas paintings of skulls and abstract faces completes the spooky, yet chic aesthetic of the Mule.

The Mule 5

Skulls on the walls. Ornate chandeliers. Exposed old brick. Modern furniture. Spooky or classy? Vote now on your phones!

The Mule 7

Fact: Edgy graffiti on the tables makes eating tacos look 10x cooler. 


The Horizons 2016 Planning Team! (minus Matt!)

Despite its edgy appearance, once seated, our server was nothing but welcoming and told us about their specials. The Mule keeps it simple with their menu – just a one-sided, creatively designed sheet of paper for food, and another for their drinks. Between the 7 of us, there were plenty of flavours circulating the table. I split the featured appetizer, which was a chorizo queso served with chips, and then had 3 tacos to myself. The queso was thick, creamy, and loaded with garnishes and plenty of ground chorizo, which pretty much sums up everything I could ever possibly want in my life. As for the tacos, I decided on the Fish Taco, the Al Pastor, and the Taco Bell. Each taco was unique in their components and flavour profiles, but all of them were delicious and left me wishing I could just by to-go batches of their taco fillings. The Taco Bell mimics – you’ve guessed it – the tacos at Taco Bell, except these were even better than the classic. It was saucy and the meat-to-tortilla ratio was just right, ensuring that I had no dry bites at all.

The Mule 6.png

Mmmmm queso…

The Mule 4

Garnish and colour game strong. Very strong. 

Another thing that amazed me was how reasonably priced everything was. For instance, the Taco Bell was $3.5, but eating three of them, (or two if you want to split a shared plate with someone) can still allow you to have a fun night out for less than $15, making this a go-to place for anyone that’s ballin’ on a budget. Don’t get me wrong though, if you want to treat yourself, the Mule is also a go-to place because these folks do not sacrifice quality and flavour for anything, so gorge yourself on a dozen tacos and some ciders if you feel so inclined! The Mule also has some great non-taco themed dishes if you’re not feeling the taco vibes. They make numerous ceviches (a raw-fish dish) that are amazing as well, so make sure you take the opportunity to try those as well. I was able to sample the whitefish ceviche on a separate occasion, and I can safely say that that it was as delicious as the word “ceviche” is beautiful. My only wish is that there would have been more ceviche to go around the table.

Hopefully, this blog post made a convincing argument for you to check out this sweet #HamOnt joint. So next time you find yourself wandering down King William Street with nothing to do, consider dropping by the Mule for flavours just as bold as their aesthetic!