Meet the Poppers!

What’s poppin’ McMaster? It’s Summer Seventeen (We know, we’re stretching the Drake references too far) which means we’ve got some new bloggers. Our ‘Poppers’ will be our Hamilton tour guides for what’s happening in the city this summer!


You know those really fun buzzfeed quizzes? Take our Pop the Bubble Buzzfeed Quiz to see which blogger you’re most like and the ways they ‘pop the bubble’! 


spongebob fun

🎵 F is for friends who do stuff in Hamilton together…🎵

For those who aren’t really the quiz type or just don’t have time for it, here’s our Pop the Bubble contributor bios!


ptb bio noel       krusty krab pizza with soul

Noël is going into their second year of Social Work. Passionate about social justice issues and their hometown (Hamilton!), they mostly write about social justice issues and events happening in the city on Pop the Bubble. Sometimes Noël has a little too much fun looking up gifs to use for PTB posts, such as “Krusty Krab Pizza with Soul” (pictured above) and going on tangents about hip hop in the SSC with other student staff.



Jen is going into her third year of Kinesiology. She is passionate about food and music. She loves exploring Hamilton because there is a super cool arts scene, so many amazing restaurants, and also a ton of free festivals in the summer (gotta save up money to fund your food addiction, right?). She loves discovering new food places and small local/Canadian bands, and spending time with good people! You can spot Jen hanging out in the kitchen of the SSC, probably eating berries or some other fruit.


sabrina bio

Sabrina is a third year Marauder studying Sociology and Community Engagement. She is a social justice enthusiast who simply wants to make a difference, travel the world, enjoy lots of pizza, and make horrible puns all day. If you can’t find her running around her condo wearing a rainbow tutu and a unicorn tiara, she is probably checking out a new cafe in Hamilton or lost exploring off trails of Cootes Paradise! Look out for Sabrina’s blogs on Pop the Bubble exploring various social inequalities, movements, and ways to take action to initiate change!  


bio christelle

Christelle is going to her fifth year of Life Sciences. She loves travelling and exploring new trails and waterfalls (especially since Hamilton is the city of waterfalls!). Christelle is also a food enthusiast and her top 3 cuisines are chinese, japanese and vietnamese! Additionally, Christelle loves to relax by watching Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon and Grey’s Anatomy. In her free time, Christelle enjoys volunteering, mentoring and learning more about social justice issues surrounding themes like education, gender equality and immigrants’ rights. Stay tuned to learn more about Christelle and the different initiatives she partakes to pop the bubble!

Can’t wait to pop the bubble with all of you this summer!

-The Pop the Bubble Team