Top 5 Breakfast Eats, Only in #Hamont

Those who know me very well know that I LOVE Breakfast. I will eat breakfast foods literally any time of day – I especially love Breakfast for Dinner (however I enjoy a good bunch every once in a while).

Tired of going to the Pancake House by campus? Here are my Top 5 suggestions for breakfast restaurants in #Hamont, including a guest review from fellow Pop the Bubble blogger, Jen!


Me at 10 p.m. – except without the fire

5) Rankins

Rankins is an old school bar and restaurant located on Main St. E near Kenilworth, about a 15 minute ride on the B-Line Bus. It’s been around for 50 years, and beforehand the owner of the place ran a China Shop in the same location (Rankins happens to be my Mom’s high school hangout spot – this is how I heard about this). It’s a classic breakfast place in Hamilton, with decent prices for good quality. Check it out if you’re looking for an adventure and a restaurant with a Hamilton vibe that’s a bit quieter than ones on James St. N.

Perks: If you or someone in your group is not feeling breakfast, Rankins also has a menu with a wide variety of tasty dishes (yum!).


Source: Rankins

4) Jet Cafe

A ‘hole-in the wall’ breakfast place on King St. just past Jackson Square. I happened to find this on a whim while working in Downtown Hamilton two summers ago. Jet Cafe is low key and the food is perfect for a student budget (I paid for a full breakfast for around $5), but they give you lots and it’s delicious.

If you’re walking around James St. N and looking for a quieter spot with great food for a reasonable price, walk back down to King St. Just walk a little further east to Jet Cafe.


It’s all about the homefries for me, but I have to admit this looks good. This was not the $5 special I had, but there’s a sign about what comes with it in front of the Restaurant.

3) Papa Leo’s – Review by Jen!

“Whenever I asked for brunch recommendations, someone would always suggest Papa Leo’s. It seemed like a consensus among the Hamilton foodie Instagram community, and most of my friends from Hamilton, that the Papa Leo’s was one of the best brunch spots in Hamilton. It’s a bit pricey (you can expect to spend about $15-20 for food here), but worth it! A lot of people recommend the crab cake benny, but I tried them and I didn’t like the deep fried crab cakes, but I guess it depends on your taste. I really like their sourdough French toast, and their hash dishes are amazing! It’s group friendly (but I’d say it’s good for groups up to 6 people, since it is a little small), and it’s totally Instagram-worthy.” – Jen

Thanks Jen! I’ve never heard of Papa Leo’s before but I’ll have to try it – I love crab cakes and sourdough French toast!

2) West End Diner

Looking for a restaurant with great breakfast options without having to worry about getting lost on the HSR? Look no further than West End Diner, a cute underrated diner farther down Main St. West near Dundas. Like Rankins, West End Diner has a variety of different options, but as always, I’m going to recommend the breakfast menu. Not only are their breakfast dishes tasty, they are also affordable on a student budget and just a short bus ride from campus area. A great option for that last minute Sunday brunch or if you’re looking for comfort food on a weeknight.


I usually judge the quality of restaurants with Breakfast options by how tasty the home fries are (as you could probably already tell). Those eggs in this photo do look really good too  though (Source: Zomato)

…1) Bedrock Bistro

A classic Hamilton restaurant famous for its breakfast and brunch – it’s a whole restaurant literally themed around “The Flintstones” (a classic 1960s cartoon). Maybe I’m a little biased since I used to go here often with my Nana growing up, but if you want to get a feel for the vibe of Hamilton, Bedrock Bistro is where it’s at. It’s located right on the b-line at Parkdale and Queenston, a 20-minute bus ride from campus. Great prices (for breakfast about $6-$12, and you get lots so it’s totally worth it) plus the pancakes are fluffy, the homefries are fantastic, and every breakfast item alongside them are excellent. If you love brunch, I highly recommend going to Bedrock Bistro.



Disclaimer: Breakfast/Brunch on Weekends are incredibly busy due to popularity with locals – proceed with caution if you go before Noon on weekends, as the line will be out the door and you may have a very long wait.


Now I’m really craving brunch. Maybe I will try something new and go to Jen’s suggestion of Papa Leo’s this weekend!

Got a recommendation I missed? Tell me about your favourite breakfast/brunch spots in #Hamont in the comments!