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If you dream of a world where Mac students engage actively and joyfully with the amazing community of Hamilton- then join our team! Contact or if you are interested in contributing to the blog.


ptb bio noel

 Noël is going into their second year of Social Work. Passionate about social justice issues and their hometown (Hamilton!), they mostly write about social justice issues and events happening in the city on Pop the Bubble. Sometimes Noël has a little too much fun looking up GIFS to use for PTB posts, such as “Krusty Krab Pizza with Soul” and going on tangents about hip hop in the student success centre with other student staff.

(Krusty Krab Pizza with Soul)




 Jen is going into her third year of Kinesiology. She is passionate about food and music. She loves exploring Hamilton because there is a super cool arts scene, so many amazing restaurants, and also a ton of free festivals in the summer (gotta save up money to fund your food addiction, right?). She loves discovering new food places and small local/Canadian bands, and spending time with good people! You can spot Jen hanging out in the kitchen of the SSC, probably eating berries or some other fruit.